At 98point6, as a Production Graphic Designer my in working to quickly and concisely create new assets for both print and web use.
We were prepared to make new assets for clients within a week that not only drove utilization, but allowed them to communicate important health benefits and goals to their communities.
To do this succinctly, we created templates that allowed us to quickly adapt to that customers needs.

By working with our client success teams to gather the necessary assets and language, we were able to create a "profile" for automating pieces for our clients. If a client needed to request any additional assets later that we had a template for, we were prepared to turn around their requests within one week.
I further optimized this process as a part of our quarterly campaigns. We created new seasonal and topical assets every quarter, but a major roadblock was the amount of time it took to produce it for each client cutting into the time to design.

By changes to our processes and procedures by meeting regularly with and assisting our client success team, I had managed to further automate the intake process and better organize client assets and our completed works for easier access to cut down the last quarterly campaign I worked on from a 15 business day production time to just 6.
Below is an example of the wire-frames created for a new Virtual Primary Care page for the website redesign. When it comes to the design process, I focus on iterative design that will allow us to easily see options laid out so that no work is left unseen or unconsidered.
Throughout my time at 98point6, I created new designs working with many brands, how to adapt product needs quickly, and remove monotonous and repetitive processes to take more care to the work that mattered. 

I also worked to find any processes to develop, including teaching our web team how to utilize Figma's developer tools for our email and website designs, finding programs that would allow us to discover fresh new stock imagery, and make sure our design team is in sync with brand direction and choices by reviewing our individual works consistently.

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